Geek: a person who has excessive enthusiasm for and expertise about a specialized subject or activity. 

Diaspora: the spread or dissemination of something originally confined to a local, homogeneous group. 

Geek Diaspora is a site and podcast primarily dedicated to having conversations with creators about their craft, their culture/s, and how the two influence each other. While many of the conversations will be with people from the comic and film community, creators from the worlds of food, design, martial arts, and other fields will also make appearances. 

From time to time Geek Diaspora will dedicate an entire episode to exploring a particular piece of culture.

A note: We only cover the things we like or think are important. We will not engage in snark or tearing down creators and their works. There are tons of other sites and podcasts that do that.

We hope you enjoy. If you do, please let is know. Leave comments here, or the podcast service you use.