About Shawn Taylor

Photo Credit: Fredrick Haugen

Shawn Taylor is a writer, a scholar of popular culture and propaganda, and an educator. He is a lifelong lover of all things out there: science fiction, horror, role-playing games. comic books, technology...most things labeled geeky. In 2006 he and author Ayize-Jama-Everett started the wildly popular www.afrogeeks.blogspot.com, as a way to make sense of the death of Octavia E. Butler and to connect with other AfroGeeks in mourning. He has published two books and has been published in numerous anthologies. He is a founding author of www.thenerdsofcolor.org and a co-founder of the Black Comix Arts Festival.

One thing you couldn't possible know about Shawn: He is the 1999 Oakland, CA Poetry Slam champion and was on Oakland Slam Team that won third place that same year.