Episode 0: Attack the Block

Attack the Block (2011) Dir./Writ. Joe Cornish. 

This is one of the most underrated SciFi films in recent memory. It is action packed. There are some really good jump scares, and it is hilarious. When it dropped, it was showing in only one theater in the entire Bay Area of California. Opening night, the theater was full. It opened in a few more theater the following week. It then vanished from public view. 

This is the debut film of John Boyega of recent Star Wars: The Force Awakens fame. His character, Moses, is menacing, vulnerable, and absolutely magnetic. As soon as Boyega hit he screen, you could feel the theater collectively lean back in ours seats and bask in his star power. I've written about him here and here, in regard to his role in the Star Wars franchise. 

The cast is filled with wonderful newcomers, and for the budget, some pretty decent special effects. This is a gem of a film that I wish more people saw when it was first released. 

Listen to my exploration of it on the inaugural Geek Diaspora podcast. 


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